Token Sale postponed. Exact date to be announced!
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Providence will introduce its token, short-coded PVE. PVE’s utilisation is to power the Providence Network. It will be used as the internal settlement currency, buy-in currency for casino gamers and consumers as well as an asset representing and reflecting Providence business performance on the markets. A total of 200,000,000 Providence tokens will be created following the Ethereum ERC20 Standard.

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Token sale will last for 15 days and will be announced soon! Before participating be sure to read our Terms of Use

Providence Whitepaper


Token Sale Summary

March (TBA)

Starts On:

15 days from start

Ends on:

0.05 ETH

Minimal Contribution

600 PVE

bought for 1 ETH (35% bonus)
Providence Crypto Casino Chart

Token Distribution & Utilisation

Token Distribution

Allocation of Raised Funds

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Token Sale Structure

Key points
  • Token Name
  • Token Type
  • Token Price
  • Minumum Contribution
  • Bonus Structure
  • Providence
  • ERC20
  • Main Sale: 1 PVE = 1/600 ETH (1 ETH buys 600 tokens)
  • Main Sale: 0.05 ETH
  • Main Sale: 0%
  • PVE
  • Used for transactions and consumption
  • Private Pre-Sale: 1 PVE = 1/810 ETH (1 ETH buys 810 tokens)
  • Private Pre-Sale: 5 ETH
  • Private Pre-Sale: 35%

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